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Exclusive Interview Chloe Johnson – Miss Black Colorado USA
Exclusive Interview Chloe Johnson – Miss Black Colorado USA

photo's by: Eulanda Shead

I couldn’t believe it when I learned about it myself, but there really is a Miss Black Colorado USA.  Miss Black Colorado USA  provides opportunity for the empowerment of young women of color. Don’t feel too bad, because Miss Black Colorado USA is fairly a new organization. “Miss Black Colorado USA is committed to the advancement of education, healthcare, community service and personal growth.”

The pageant offers a platform for young women of color to express themselves through poise, beauty, talent and question response.  The winners receive cash, a host of prizes, paid entry fee to the National Pageant and of course the experience of a lifetime.  This years winner is none other than the lovely Chloe Johnson.  I caught up with the young beauty to find out if beauty really is only skin deep.

TS: Chloe Johnson, WHAT DA DIZZLE?

Chloe: The “dizzle” is…(Haha) I’m preparing for the Miss Black USA pageant in August while juggling work, summer classes, and taking the LSATs.

TS: Alright, let’s dive right in.  First let me say that you are stunning.  Are you originally from Colorado?

Chloe: Awww, thank you.  I was born in Santa Monica, California, but my mom decided to move here after I was born as a single mother because we had more family here.

TS: You’re a full time student, what are you studying?

Chloe: I’m a Political Science major.

TS: Wow!.  You where a contestant on the hit show “Undercover Boss,” and now Direct TV’s CEO is your mentor. From the TV show, he seems like a really god guy.  Is he keeping his end of the bargain and how is that going?

CBS Undercover Boss DIRECTV photo by CBS

Chloe: Thanks for asking.  I was actually a participant.  The show does not have what you would call “contestants.” It was such a great experience and yes, he is definitely keeping up his end of the deal, which I find remarkable, especially being the CEO of such a large company like DIRECTV Inc.

TS:  That’s great!  Are there any charities you absolutely adore?

Chloe: I adore Children International.  I actually support a young girl in the Dominican Republic every month. Everyone should do it.  Each month, they take $25 and provide children with food, education, and health care!

TS: Outstanding!  You are a very talented ballet dancer, and as you know, I’m a huge fan of ballet.  How did you get into that?

Chloe: I got into ballet at the age of five and stopped for years.  I decided to take it back up again as being a participant in the Miss Black Colorado USA pageant when I was looking for a talent.  It’s such an amazing art form and really helps a person to connect with their body like no other dance.

TS: I definitely have to catch one of your performances.  Are you looking for sponsorships and how can they reach you?

CJ: I currently am looking for sponsorships.  The money goes towards the cost of the trip to the national pageant in Washington, DC and all of the expenses surrounding that.  However, any donations made buy a company(s) or individuals will receive an ad in the pageant program that thousands of people will receive.  Hence, What Da Dizzle should donate! Just Kidding. (Haha) I can be reached preferably by email at: [email protected]

TS: Oh you know I got you.  Has anything surprised you about being Miss Black Colorado?

CJ: Being Miss Black Colorado USA 2011 has had the surprise of bringing about so many different avenues that I want to dive into and help.  There is such a great need to help our youth that prior to this experience, I had not idea about.  I’m so thankful for a website such as yours that helps to give exposure to those avenues.

TS: Thank you.  If you could say one thing to women aspiring to be Miss Black Colorado USA, what would you say or what advice would you give them?

CJ: I would tell them to be themselves, that they are beautiful and more powerful than they think.  They can accomplish anything, and to hold their head high until they reach their goals.  Even if they don’t win the Miss Black Colorado USA pageant, the experience is life changing and you still walk away with something of a bond with other women similar to themselves.

TS: Closing thoughts.

CJ: I really appreciate you even considering me to do an interview.  It’s such an honor, I love you guys.

TS: Noooo, the pleasure was all mine.

THE WRAP UP: On the outside, Chloe Johnson is a beautiful woman and as I concluded our interview, I realized that she possesses an inner beauty that left me with the impression that her beauty is much more than skin deep.  Support Miss Black Colorado USA today!

For more information about Miss Black Colorado Chloe Johnson, check out some of her links.

Miss Black Colorado USA – Apply now to be the next Miss Black Colorado or Talented Teen! Deadline July 21, 2011


SPONSORSHIP INQUIRIES – [email protected]
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Miss Black Colorado USA - Chloe Johnson photo by: Eulanda Shead

Miss Black USA People’s Choice – CO

The money goes towards the cost of the trip to the national pageant in Washington DC and all of the expenses surrounding that.

Just in case you’ve never seen CBS Undercover Boss DIRECTV Episode with Chloe Johnson we’ve provided you with a link to the full episode.

CBS Undercover Boss Full DIRECTV Episode – Chloe is marked at 25:50 into the show.







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